Peace Garden Initiative


While developing curriculum and programs is important to the development of Hawaii’s youth, we also see the need for development of community sites, which focus on providing the right outdoor atmosphere to learn and build upon the various peace initiatives within the Hawaiian community. The Peace Garden Initiative Program provides funding for schools and communities that wish to beautify their campus and provide a place of peace, reflection, and positive learning for Hawaii students.

Leahi Millennium Peace Garden

In partnership with The Garden Club of Honolulu, Soka Gakkai, and the DLNR we were inspired to provide additional support to an existing garden at Diamond Head.  The funding from the foundation fully transformed the entrance to one of Hawaii’s most popular tourist attractions.  It took many hands and long hours from various volunteer groups over the years to get to where we are today.  We are proud of our long standing curatorship agreement with the DLNR and Stevens Foundation and hope to find other locations similar in nature around the island with which to help.


Upcoming Projects

Hawaii School Peace Garden Program:

We are excited to be working with the Hawaii School Peace Garden Program on expanding outdoor learning environments for our students and will have more detail to follow as the year progresses.  Basic Goal: To develop a culture of peace in schools across Hawaii by supporting the development of Peace Gardens and the integration of Peace and Sustainability Garden Curriculum into School Design.  


Diane Hastert - " The Garden Club of Honolulu, thanks to the inspiration of Trudy Taylor (1937-2012), began working enthusiastically at the Garden in 2009. It is proud to be one of the partners of the Stevens World Peace Foundation in the planning and spectacular renovation of the Garden. What began as a rewarding project became a labor of love."