Alakai – Student Global Leadership

The overall purpose for a Stevens Global Leadership Program is to educate and inspire Hawaii students to become globally competent, engaged citizens who promote peace through action.  Our two main partners currently are Punahou School and The Priory.

Participants in a program will:

  • Investigate the world beyond their immediate environment, deeply engaging in inquiry about significant global issues that affect peace.
  • Recognize, articulate, and explain multiple perspectives, profoundly aware and respectful of how religious, cultural, and geopolitical backgrounds shape individual viewpoints, including their own.
  • Communicate and engage in dialogue for mutual understanding with audiences of diverse backgrounds, recognizing and overcoming linguistic, ideological, cultural, and geographic barriers.
  • Take action through networking, collaboration, negotiation, and compromise, seeing themselves as positive, powerful agents for peace.
  • Cultivate awareness and engage in thoughtful reflection about themselves and others to build an empathetic, peace-building mindset.

Please take a look at The Saint Andrews Priory and Punahou School’s Global Leadership Programs.  These are fantastic examples of just a few Hawai’i based schools committed to education around global learning and peace.