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The Stephen E. and Isabella H. Stevens World Peace Foundation was created to help promote peace through education, awareness, and advocacy, beginning with Hawaii’s youth. 

Dr. Stevens’ personal mission was to make sure that Hawai’i’s high school and intermediate students will become true global citizens with an awareness of world issues, the ability to address these issues in a peaceful manner, and have the same commitment to education that his family did.  He wanted to build the right educational foundation in Hawaiʻi’s youth so they could carry these acquired values and positive experiences out into the world.

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Dr. Stephen E. Stevens was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During World War II he served five years in the U.S. Armed Services. He received a biology degree from LaSalle College and his medical degree from Temple University.  He has written two books, “Psychiatry, Survival and God” and “Jurisprudence, Logic and War.”

He had been certified to practice psychiatry by the American board of Psychiatry and Neurology.  He created this foundation in 2008 in honor of his late wife, Isabella H. Stevens. He was married to his wife, Isabella, for over 50 years.  Much of their life together was spent in Hawaiʻi.  They loved the people, climate and positive atmosphere.  Dr. Stevens felt Hawaiʻi is the perfect location for the world to come together in the pursuit of peace.

Isabella H. Stevens was born and raised in Scotland U.K.  After World War II she immigrated to the United States. Growing up she experienced the horrors and loss resulting from enemy bombings of England. She knows what war does to people and the economy, having lost family and friends in World War II.

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Understanding that Hawai’i’s population and resources are limited, the Stevens Foundation vision is to make sure that all like-minded organizations focused on peace and child education have a central organization to turn to.  To share ideas, projects, volunteer talent and expertise, knowledge and resources so Hawaii can become the premier example to other states and countries for educating its youth about being true global citizens.

We want to continue advancing our current programs such as:

The Peace Garden Initiative – Over the next five years we wanted to expand the outdoor learning environment in Hawaiʻi and are committed to establishing outdoor Peace Gardens throughout the state and its schools.  Each garden will provide a unique and tailored experience for educating our children and visitors about Hawaii’s commitment to peace.

To expand the Pacific Model UN program to become a highly functional national and internationally recognized conference for those pursuing a knowledge of human rights around the world and the skills sets needed to improve upon these human rights. 

To continue to expand Student Global Leadership Institute at Saint Andrews Priory and Punahou schools so they may share their unique curriculum and programming ideas statewide.


Established in 2008, see some of our prior annual reports: